Japan Cock and Ass Play

image072 Japan Cock and Ass Play

Yuu and Tsuyoshi are returning for Japanboyz.com and rectal performance is the overall activity of the day. Discussing in Japanese terminology, we see a more lively Yuu being spanked and snuggled by Tsuyoshi.
The top, Tsuyoshi draws on Yuu’s hairy cock while Yuu is fast paced deeply throating his dick. Being a excellent cock sucker, Yuu obediently ingests all of his partner until there is nothing departed but his thick bush. Gagging, he comes up for air and comes to his back; Tsuyoshi now rubs Yuu’s cock with lubricant, this is to both dudes satisfaction. Crying, Yuu is motivating Tsuyoshi to do more; Tsuyoshi contributes  to the lubricating mix and constantly gloss Yuu’s cock. As Yuu squirms with satisfaction, Tsuyoshi strongly rubs his friends cock then slaps it against his own side. In a spinning movement, Tsuyoshi arms the tip of the penis; this seems to be one of Yuu’s preferred elements to obtain. Almost at the side before ejaculating, Yuu moans, “yeah,” now pushing his waist toward the rubbing arms of his partner. Tsuyoshi now goes quicker and faster; Yuu is in paradise and promotes more interest and whimpers. Listening to these enthusiastic whimpers appears to be, Tsuyoshi chooses to add some rubbing as well; Yuu reciprocates by jacking him.

Tsuyoshi has other ideas as he reaches for a dildo to place into Yuu’s hot ass channel. The dudes both appreciate the actual reaction Yuu is having. Placing the toy aside, Tsuyoshi goes returning to rubbing Yuu who prepares his man tool once again.  Coming into him from behind, Tsuyoshi keeps fucking Yuu, first on all four legs, then smooth on his abdomen and missionary. As Tsuyoshi thrusts away, they observe each other for relaxation. Tsuyoshi draws out to demonstrate a up near of Yuu’s increased opening, but he can’t seem to get enough and reenters with fingers.   Tsuyoshi now goes into Yuu with his big toe. Yuu likes the ground and cums almost immediately, blowing hot cum all over himself and the bed.