Japanboyz – Ninja Cum Mission 2

japanboyz NinjaCumMission2x Japanboyz   Ninja Cum Mission 2

In this follow up, the Ninja has had his way with Hisoka Botan and now must “fulfill” a sample of the boy’s cum. “Ninja Cum Mission 2” won’t be successful unless some warm spunk is milked from Hisoka; think he has what it takes?

The two lie on the bed and intertwine, caressing and kissing. As they playfully fondle one another, the Ninja begins to work on Hisoka’s dick so that he can complete his “job.” As the boy is brought up and pleasured, both orally and by fingering, I think Hisoka is “cumming” closer to helping the mercenary out.

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Japanboyz – Ninja Cum Mission

japanboyz NinjaCumMissionx Japanboyz   Ninja Cum Mission

Using his stealth and cunning, this Ninja needs to acquire the cum of Hisoka Botan, a sexy hot Asian twink. In this Japnaboyz.com video of “Ninja Cum Mission,” it’s up to the mercenary to get what he came for, using his astute warrior ways.

Entering his apartment, Hisoka doesn’t even suspect there is something in the cupboard for him to eat. As he opens the door, a Ninja dressed in sexy silk, lets Hisoka know that his life will be spared, if and only if, he cooperates. Throwing the boy to the bed, the Shinobi makes quick work of Hisoka’s shirt, and then lavishes the boy, orally. Lying still, as he grows, Hisoka is cooperating nicely.

This assassin does a great job of working Hisoka’s knob; he then slides on a cock ring to heighten their pleasure. Hisoka accommodates the covert agent, with his mouth. Swallowing whole, the Ninja responds with moans and gasps. Placing a cock ring on himself, the mercenary gets Hisoka into a hot 69. Both boys work hard at stimulating one another. As they rub and grind on each other, the Ninja takes a last lick.

On his back with a finger up him, Hisoka opens wide and acquiesces to the demands of his captor. Milking the boy as he is finger fucked, the Shinobi shows great skill in his endeavor. Sliding inside the boy with his “weapon,” the Ninja pounds quickly while he continues to stroke Hisoka’s dick. The two then share a very deep and arousing kiss before Hisoka is turned over, doggy style.

Pumping from behind, the assassin’s ability to over-power his partner is exhilarating. The camera zooms in to capture the deep penetration of this mercenary. Pulling out just in time to wet his partner’s back, the Ninja is not done; he needs to get Hisoka’s liquid.

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Gay Asian Porn Videos

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Japanboyz – Erotic Kabuki

japanboyz EroticKabukix Japanboyz   Erotic Kabuki

Kabuki Dancers in old Japan were often male prostitutes, who catered to a mixed male and female clientele. Even today, most Kabuki actors are gay. Here we find a Kabuki male courtesan (Toraemon) dancing for his client, Kago, dressed only in a Japanese fundoshi (loincloth) before being sexually seduced.

After performing the ancient and traditional ‘Kabuki Dance’ for Kago, it is time for Toraemon to perform an act of loyalty, by paying homage to his Lord. He gets on his knees to suck on Kago’s cock. But Kago needs to be relieved in more ways then only oral pleasure.

Soon the 2 are on the bed and our insatiable bottom Toraemon is ready to ride on Lord Kago’s cock. The erotic Kabuki Dance continues, in the form of sexual love. The 2 explode in eternal ecstasy together

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Gay Asian Porn Videos

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Japanboyz – The Urisen

japanboyz theurisenx Japanboyz   The Urisen

Out at a local pick-up area, our hustler, Toraemon, waits to see who will want his services tonight. Along comes a customer eager to take the call boy home. The john wants to know how much the twink costs; coyly, Toraemon looks at the customer and says I am, “very expensive.” Back at the man’s house, the payment of 20,000Yen ($300 US) is given to have some fun. At Japanboyz.com, Toraemon is the sweet “Urisen” or boy toy that will be serving up his hole tonight.

After the payment is made, Toraemon’s body is explored. As he is rubbed, the customer pulls up the boy’s t-shirt and shows us a very hot body; seems that they are both responsive to nipple play. The john then has the boy remove his pants and fondles him; Toraemon twitches as he is played with. In his underwear, the twink loves the attention that the customer is giving him; this goes even further as the underwear come off and the john “inspects” the goods, but in this boy’s case, that would be “greats.”

Liking what he sees and feels, the john works over the boy’s sweet hole then his dick; this call boy is playing the role of a “Urisen” very well. As the man adds lube, he also wants to add a little “vibration” to the fun. The insertion of the toy is very stimulating to both men; Toraemon’s dick twitches as the toy is tugged. Moaning and shuddering, the call boy has the customer aroused; drops of precum appear to show that both are relishing the fun.

The john turns his full attention to the boy’s dick, jerking him toward orgasm. The man then has Toraemon take over so that he may watch as the boy masturbates; the john fondles Toraemon’s taint and hole. After a bit, the boy is close and looks up at the john to see his reactions. Excited, the customer moves caress the boy’s nipples. Soon, Toraemon can no longer hold out, and shoots his cum onto his stomach and groin. Both men satisfied, the camera pans out to catch the flaccid dick of Toraemon, pulsating. This “Urisen” was well worth the price and watching him quiver and moan, will have you”cumming” back to Japanboyz.com for more.

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Gay Asian Porn Videos

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The Jerk Off Lesson

japanboyz thejerkofflessonx The Jerk Off Lesson

Join this beautiful, young and toned Japanese student as he stays after class for some extra’cock’ular activity. Sitting in the chair for his interview, I found myself “growing” anxious over seeing his gorgeous physique. I don’t know if he works out, just starting to work out or just naturally this hot, but he’s definitely got all the right ingredients in ALL the right places.

As the show begins, he stands up and takes off his shirt and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Next come off the pants and we get to see a nice big bulge through his briefs. Don’t blink, there’s no hesitation here and the briefs are off. The cameraman zooms in and out giving us a great look at this gorgeous young man from head to toe and not just the head on his shoulders.

After taking off his clothes, he puts on a pair of long white socks, kind of like the socks you see soccer players wearing and pulls out a pink/burgundy striped tie. Talk about a sexy look… WOW!!

Still standing, he starts to stroke his nice uncut cock and it doesn’t take long at all until he’s hard. The cameraman moves in for a close up from below and we get to see his balls rocking back and forth as he jerks. Nice, smooth suckable balls.

After standing for a while jerking, he sits back down in the chair to bring this video and himself to a most stress relieving conclusion. I so hope we get to see this young man again and next time, a nice shot of what I can only imagine is a beautiful ass.

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Gay Asian Porn Videos

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Soccer Team Boyz

japanboyz soccerteamboyzx Soccer Team Boyz

Two Japanese boys come in for some sport. As we watch them change, notice the boy in the purple thong; I don’t think those are regulation, but they are hot. In this Japanboyz video “Soccer Team Boyz,” these two twinks take soccer to a “hole” new level. The boy on the right will top and the other, well, he’s the “hole.”

As the videographer chats with the two, we get a sense of their playful personalities. When the two sit down and begin to kiss, caressing is not far behind. As one boy is fondled and nipples sucked, the cameraman zooms in to check out his cute body. The shorts come off, revealing a nice boner through his underwear; a shot of his ass only serves to excite as the two move to the floor.

The top then pulls of the boy’s underwear and we get a momentary look, before the top swallows it, whole. The bottom instinctively spreads his legs as he is sucked; the top seems to have a lot of experience sucking and it shows. The bottom moans and twitches as he is serviced. The bottom then holds his legs over his head so the top can work his hole. Lubing up, the top goes in with one, then two fingers. Using a nice anal toy on his partner, the top arouses him even more.

The top then takes off his shorts to present himself for sucking. The bottom happily goes straight to work on the top’s dick. The two hold hands as the bottom bobs his head. Ready to fuck, the top hardens himself and puts on a condom. This takes a bit so while he jerks himself, he also continues to finger the bottom; I count three fingers going deep. Once in and pumping, it takes no time before the top pulls out to reveal a fully loaded condom; jizz fills the reservoir and backs up onto his shaft.

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Full Video in the Highest Quality at Japanboyz.com

Gay Asian Porn Videos

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The Boss

japanboyz thebossx The Boss

With a boss like Atsushi Tanaka, one must probe further to see his true talents. As the videographer talks to him, all I can think is if he were to get naked, we could really see his abilities. As he backs up from the desk, I look forward to seeing his skills shine forth. Capturing all his manly goods, the videographer films from taint to toe to seize his essence. For Japanboyz.com, “The Boss,” snatches all of this boy’s talentsw to show bigger and better things to “cum.”

Playing with his nipples, the cameraman gets a real reaction out of him; Atsushi blushes at the tenderness and sensation he is feeling, but I know there’s a lot more to his “abilities.”Out of his underwear and erect, the videographer feels the full passion of the boy. Complementing him on his size, we can understand why he strips so quickly. His lovely cock is a magnet for the filmer, and it takes but a minute to tantalize the boy for more. Massaging his ass the videographer is happy to have a thumb penetrate Atsushi. His long balls and cock are a welcome respite from his ass. Standing, he shows the stiff attention, of a real “manager.”

Sitting, Atsushi jerks and squeezes his nipples; I join in the fun and tweak. As he pumps his dick, I must admit he is large, by Asian standards, but I would gladly take him up the ass. He continues to jerk, hopefully he is thinking of me. When he cums, I get so excited I want to blow my load, but stay professional and thank him for his “hard work.”

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Solo Employee Boy

japanboyz soloemployeeboyx Solo Employee Boy

Meet 19yo Hisoka Botan. Well, if you saw Big Cock Boss Barebacks the Trainee, you’ve already seen him. Now we get to watch and listen in on his first interview. A bit more “up close & personal.”

We start out with Hisoka sitting on the bed talking with the cameraman and can see and hear the clicks of the camera going off from the photographer. As the interview continues, the cameraman reaches in and feels Hisoka’s chest and nipples and slowly piece by piece, the clothing starts to come off.

When Hisoka takes off his pants, you can see his erection through his underwear. No doubt the boy is excited to be there! I’m not sure if it was the cameraman playing with his nipples or what, but Hisoka definitely brought his “A-game.”

As Hisoka takes off his boyish looking underwear, we get to see what I call a “pretty young cock” and even the cameraman makes a comment or rather a “ohhh.”

Hisoka is all natural, no manscaping and rock hard. The cameraman jumps in and lends a helping hand stroking that nice young cock and then has Hisoka get up on all 4’s on the bed so we get a bird’s eye view of his ass. A couple of twitches from Hisoka as the cameraman rubs his ass and plays with his hole gives us the impression Hisoka is either ticklish back there or really enjoys his ass being played with.

Now turning over and laying back on the bed, we actually get to see that Hisoka has some nice low hangers. And that cock is just “yummy” to look at!

The conversation between Hisoka and the cameraman continues while he starts to tug on that hard cock. Then Hisoka starts to play with his nipples while he jacks off and the photographers camera starts clicking in the background. Sure wish we remembered to get the English captions included in this video. I’d love to know what they’re talking about.

Gay Asian Porn Videos

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